Guide to using reTyre skins

Our electric bikes from the brands Giant, Superior and White are delivered with base tires and studded skins from reTyre. The zip on the tires means that you can easily install studded tires on your own, without any tools or mechanic skills.

Watch the video from ReTyre on how to fit the tyres:

We have also collected some tips that can make it easier to mount the studded tires when you need them: 

  1. Wash or dry the base covers and check that the zip is clean 
  2. Fasten the zipper firmly into the fastener at the start 
  3. Please take some air out of the tire before closing the zip 
  4. Stretch the skins as you close the zipper, and close the zipper a little at a time on every other side 

We recommend that new studded tires are driven onto bare asphalt the first few times, so that the studs settle. Avoid sudden braking and skidding.

Good luck!

If you need help, feel free to contact us at 👋