About the service

Familiarize yourself with our service

We have a vision that electric bicycles should be simple, safe and profitable for our customers. If you subscribe to an electric bike from Joule, you pay a fixed monthly price that includes your own electric bike, lock, theft insurance, 2 x service a year, in addition to studded tires in winter.

The subscription is currently available in Oslo and the surrounding area📍

E-bike subscriptions are new to many, so it's no wonder there are some questions! We have collected frequently asked questions, rental terms and privacy statements in one place so you can familiarize yourself with the service. If you have other questions or input, feel free to contact us at hei@joule.no .

Why own when you can subscribe?

When you rent an electric bike, Joule takes care of the logistics.

  • You can have the bike delivered to your home or collect it from our warehouse when it suits you. With only one month's commitment period, you decide for yourself which periods you want to use the electric bicycle.
  • End the subscription when you no longer need the e-bike. You only need to cancel up to 5 days before the next payment.

In addition, there are financial advantages to the subscriber solution. When you own an electric bike, there are a number of additional costs, such as service, tires and insurance. With Joule, you don't have to think about this!


    You secure an electric bike of good quality that suits your needs.


    Joule services your e-bike twice a year.


    The e-bike is insured by Tryg Forsikring, so you can feel safe.


    You get a secure lock and winter tyres, so you can cycle all year round.

Step-by-step guide to electric bike subscriptions

  • You order the electric bike you want, see the range here .
  • Choose whether you want the e-bike delivered to your home or whether you pick it up at our workshop in Nydalen. You can get the electric bike as early as three days after the order has been placed.
  • We deliver the electric bike and welcome package with charger, winter tyres, key and lock.
  • You enjoy life with an electric bike for as long as you want.
  • To ensure the best possible cycling experience, the e-bike is sent in for service twice a year.
  • You can cancel your subscription at any time.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with our terms and insurance agreement so that you know how the electric bike should be used. Feel free to ask us if anything is unclear.

We hope and expect that you, as a customer, will take good care of the e-bike so long as you have it! 😊