Terms and conditions for renting an electric bicycle and related services

Joule AS operates a rental service where consumers can subscribe to electric bikes by ordering anelectric bike online. Some associated services are also included in the subscription. The subscriber has the right to use the electric bicycle until the subscription is terminated by the consumer or terminated by Joule AS.

Joule AS asks the consumer to read this rental agreement carefully, which is binding from the day of ordering an e-bike subscription.


1 General

These terms apply to rentals from Joule AS to consumers. The terms and conditions, together with the tenant's order, will form an overall contractual basis for the tenancy.


2 Definition of Parties

Owner of object: Joule AS, Økernveien 9, 0653 Oslo, registered office no. 928 787052 and is hereinafter referred to as Joule.

The one who rents the object: The person who is stated as the subscriber in the order, and is hereinafter referred to as the Customer.

Rental object: All components included in the subscription from Joule, including an electric bicycle.


3 Right of use

The customer has the right to use the Rental Objects as long as the subscription runs. The customer cannot make changes to the rental objects, such as repainting or attaching advertising. Frame numbers, logos or other marks to identify the electric bicycle must not be removed.

The customer may not trim or in any other way modify or change the default configuration of the rental objects.

The installation of suitable side bags, child seats, prams or bottle holders is permitted as long as the equipment fits the e-bike model and the installation is carried out in a suitable and gentle manner which does not leave marks or scratches in the paint, or otherwise damages the e-bike.

Prerequisites for the right of use are that the Customer has been found to be creditworthy, and that the Customer has a suitable place to park the e-bike at home overnight.


4 Parking

The Customer does not have the opportunity to park the e-bike on public land overnight. The subscription requires that the Customer has a place to park the e-bike at home overnight where it can be locked, for example in a private storage room or a bicycle storage room in a condominium, or a place with access control, for example a backyard with a lockable gate.

When used during the day, the e-bike must always be locked with the supplied lock. As a minimum, the e-bike must be locked through the frame and around a fixed object. Where practical, it is also recommended to thread the lock through the rear wheel, in addition to the frame. 

The Customer should park the electric bicycle responsibly, for example inside bicycle hotels where there is one, and it is recommended to avoid parking for long periods of time in public places with a particularly high risk of theft.


5 Use of the Rental Object

The customer is responsible for the electric bicycle and other rental objects during the entire rental period. The rental properties are for private use only. Commuting to and from work is part of private use.

Due to the risk of increased wear and tear, the rental objects must not be used for courier or delivery services or for other work where the electric bicycle is a central means of transport.

If the Customer uses the Rental Object for commercial purposes or in breach of the terms above, the subscription will be terminated and the Customer will be charged a fee of NOK 7,000. Joule can carry out check-ups to ensure that the use is not in breach of the terms. In case of uncertainty and need for clarification relating to the use of the electric bicycle, Joule can be contacted directly.

The customer must be over 18 years of age to purchase a subscription, and each Customer can only have one (1) ongoing subscription.


6 Property rights

The rental objects are Joule's property. The customer may not sell, pledge, sublet or otherwise dispose of the rental objects.


7 Additional services

When purchasing a subscription, additional services are included. These services include:

7.1 Starter pack
Along with the electric bike, there is a starter pack that contains selected products that are relevant when using an electric bike, including an insurance-approved bike lock.

7.2 Theft insurance
The subscription includes theft insurance with a deductible of NOK 3,000, provided by Tryg Forsikring. The customer is obliged to comply with the conditions for the theft insurance to apply, see the insurance conditions attached to the agreement.

7.3 Service
The subscription includes periodic maintenance on the bike twice a year. The customer must respond to inquiries from Joule when it your bike is called in for service, and ensure that the electric bicycle is handed over at the agreed time and location.

When delivering the e-bike for service, the Customer can either deliver the e-bike themselves free of charge or arrange collection with Joule's logistics partner, Wanda, for a transport cost according to the current rate.


8 Payment and prices

Joule offers monthly and yearly subscriptions.

The monthly subscription is ongoing with no commitment period and is automatically renewed month by month, unless the Customer cancels the subscription on Joule's website within five (5) days before the subscription period expires.

Annual subscriptions are offered at a lower price per month than monthly subscriptions. The annual subscription has a commitment period of twelve (12) months. The subscription is then extended by one (1) calendar month at the same price, unless the subscription is terminated within five (5) days before the subscription period expires. The customer can choose to cancel the annual subscription. If the subscription is terminated within the binding period, the Customer pays a fee corresponding to the price difference between the annual subscription and a monthly subscription for the months in question.

The monthly amount for the subscription is deducted from the Customer's registered payment card in advance.

At the first payment, Joule will check the Customer's creditworthiness. If the credit assessment is approved, the payment for the first subscription period is deducted. The subscription period runs from the date the Customer receives the Rental Objects. Payment is then due monthly per calendar month, unless the Customer cancels the subscription.

The customer will be notified 30 days before changes in price. The new price will only apply from the next subscription period.

All prices include VAT. If there have been errors with the prices, Joule can change, delete or reject orders even after the customer has received order confirmation. In the event of such an error, the Customer must be informed without undue delay.

The payment from the Customer to Joule is made through Joule's payment intermediary, Stripe. Fees are charged to the Customer's registered payment card. In the case of persistently delayed and unpaid invoices, outstanding amounts after reminders will be sent to debt collection by Joule's payment collector, Kravia.


9 Condition of the rental property

If the Customer finds faults or deficiencies in the Rental Objects, Joule must be contacted without undue delay.

The customer must return the rental objects in the same condition as when they received them. Some wear and tear will be accepted, including:

  • Normal wear and tear on tyres, chain, drivetrain and brake pads given the length of the period of use.
  • Minor scratches in the frame and/or on screens, handlebars or other parts of the bike

In the event of major damage to the Rental Object, the Customer is obliged to contact Joule as soon as possible.

The customer must himself carry out simple maintenance of the rental objects, including:

  • Regular washing of the electric bicycle after use and if necessary (e.g. if the electric bicycle is dirty after use on muddy roads, or due to salt from winter cycling). The use of high-pressure washers can damage the e-bike and should not be used to wash the e-bike.


10 Theft insurance and theft

The subscription includes theft insurance from Tryg Forsikring. The terms of the insurance are attached to this agreement. The customer is responsible for following the terms of the insurance agreement in order to be covered by the theft insurance.

In the event of theft, and/or damage in connection with theft, the Customer must contact Joule without undue delay, report the theft, and fill in a form from Joule. The customer must also submit a police report of the theft. The police report must also be sent to Joule.

In the event of theft, the customer relationship is subject to a risk assessment by Joule. If the Customer is granted the option of a new tenancy, stricter conditions may apply to such an agreement. The new terms and conditions apply from the next period of rental.

If there is reasonable reason to suspect fraud, the matter will be reported to the police.


11 Damage

All damages, technical faults or accidents that may occur during the rental period must be reported to Joule without undue delay. The customer bears the risk of damage to the rental objects. The customer is liable for compensation for any damage beyond what is foreseeable during normal use.

The customer is not responsible for errors or deficiencies in the rental objects that are due to manufacturing defects.

The customer is responsible for familiarizing himself with the proper use and charging of electrical appliances and batteries. Joule's recommendations for using the battery and charger are available to the Customer in the safety instruction on the website. All customers are encouraged to read the safety instructions included when the electric bike is delivered.


12 Damage to third parties

The Customer shall not bring any damage to Joule. The customer bears responsibility for any damage caused by the electric bicycle as long as the electric bicycle is in the Customer's possession.


13 Termination of subscription

At the end of the subscription, the Rental Objects must be returned to Joule. If the Rental Objects have not been registered returned no later than one (1) day after the rental period has expired, the subscription will be renewed with a new calendar month.

The customer is responsible for choosing the return method for the rental object at the end of the subscription.

The customer can choose between delivering the rental objects to Joule's warehouse themselves, or ordering collection at the door through Joule's logistics partner. Choosing door-to-door collection is only possible if the Customer lives within the logistics partner's business area.

Regardless of the delivery method, return must take place within one (1) day after the rental period has expired. The rental objects must be returned as described in point 9 on the condition of the rental objects.

If necessary, the customer must wash the e-bike with a cloth before delivery. The rental relationship only ends when the Rental Objects have been delivered to Joule or a logistics partner, and all outstanding amounts have been paid to Joule, including, but not limited to, remuneration for rent, required service, and compensation claims or fees.

If the Customer is deemed to be unfit to take care of the Rental Objects, Joule can terminate the subscription.


14 Change of subscription

To change your subscription, Joule must be contacted, preferably through Joule's website, or by e-mail. The changes will not be valid until they are confirmed in writing. The customer can switch to a different e-bike model a maximum of two (2) times per year, where changing sizes within the same model, or changing from a monthly to an annual subscription, is not included in this figure.


15 Delivery and return

Delivery and return takes place in consultation with Joule or Joule's logistics supplier. In order to get the Rental Object delivered, the Customer must present the reservation reference and valid identification that matches the name given in the reservation.

Delivery and collection at the door will only take place within the supplier partner's business area. The customer can pick up and deliver the electric bike himself if he has an address outside the area covered by the supplier partner's business area.

On return, Joule checks the condition and function of the rental objects, and that all parts and objects have been returned. The Customer is responsible for compensating for loss or damage.


16 Privacy

Joule processes the Customer's personal information in secure data registers in order to be able to fulfill its obligations and safeguard its rights in accordance with the lease agreement. Personal data that is processed is name, address, telephone number, date of birth, e-mail address, payment information, order history and credit score. The legal basis for obtaining and storing the personal data is the start and administration of customer agreements, balance of interests, or fulfillment of legal obligations in accordance with the Bookkeeping Act. The customer has the right to have their personal data removed from Joule's systems, which is done by contacting Joule in person.

Joule can share necessary personal data (name, address, date of birth, phone number, email address and payment information) with our partners, Experian, Stripe, Wanda, Tripletex and Tryg Forsikring. By signing this agreement, the Customer approves the sharing of personal data with the aforementioned actors.

If the Customer uses a discount code as part of a business agreement where a company or a public entity subsidizes either all or parts of the subscription, the Customer approves by signing this agreement the sharing of name, email address and order history between Joule and the party subsidizing the subscription. 

More detailed information about Joule's privacy practices is available in the submenu on Joule's website. There you will find our privacy statement as a separate orientation.


17 Changes

Joule AS reserves the right to change these terms. Current terms and conditions are always available at Joule.no. Changes to the terms will be notified to all active subscribers and will be made available on joule.no 30 days before they come into effect.

When using the service after the changes to the terms have been made available on joule.no, the Customer agrees to be bound by the updated terms. If the Customer does not wish to accept the new terms, the subscription will be terminated.


Attachment 1:

Tryg Theft insurance - theft insurance for Joule e-bikes

NB! Norwegian version.