Hi👋 We are Joule

The world needs new mobility solutions to reach the ambitious sustainability goals. Joule is proud to be part of the solution. From our location in Nydalen, Joule is paving the way for next generation micro-mobility. 

As we at Joule want to make it easy to test and use e-bikes, we offer e-bike subscriptions which include theft insurance, service, a safe lock and winter tires.  In addition, we will always offer personal guidance so never stand alone in caring for your e-bike. 

Joule launched in the spring of 2022, with an industrial owner by our side. 

Currently our service is only available in Oslo. However, we think big! Please send us an email if you have suggestions for where we should expand next!

Joule is pronounced "hjul" which is the Norwegian word for wheel and it is also a measuring unit for energy. We feel energised  by the possibility to create a sustainable future and encouraging an active lifestyle for our users.

Our values mirror us and our vision for the future:

 1. Sustainability -we envision a car-free citylife. In addition, we have a business model which is based on maintenence and re-use, something that allows us to get more utility out of our bikes.

2. Equality -we aim to give every customer a comfortable ride into this new green era! Joule is passionate about increasing overall access to e-bikes and believe every person deserves a good experience.

3. Inegrity -we believe in cooperation! Trust is an essential part of our business model. By sharing the burden of cost, we are able to provide our service given that you follow our guidelines in return.

4. Curiosity -we work reiteratively to innovate for the future and improve our service. 

Warm welcomes to all new customers and to our existing ones- enjoy the ride! :-)