Frequently asked questions

Here you can find the answers to our most common questions about Joule and our e-bike subscriptions. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, send us an email to and we will do our best to guide you from there!


How do I find the warehouse and the workshop?

Our address is Gjerdrums vei 11, 0484 Oslo.

Here is information on how to find out:

  • When you are facing the office premises in Gjerdrums vei 11, go to the left all the way to the end of the building.
  • At the end of the building you go up a small winding hill and you will then see some driveways leading to garage doors.
  • Our entrance is the second garage door from ground level. There you will be able to see a pane of glass with a bicycle workshop and a Joule flag. Wave to the mechanic behind the window or ring the bell and he'll let you in!

Link to Google Maps with exact location here: Gjerdrums vei 11, 0484 Oslo

Joule and electric bike subscriptions

How does an e-bike subscription from Joule work?

Joule makes the world better, one ride at a time!

Our ambition is for e-bikes to be simple, safe and flexible for our customers. If you subscribe to an e-bike from Joule, you pay a monthly rate where a lock, theft insuance and bi-annual service is included. You also get wintertimes when winter comes. 

Read more about Joule's service here .

What is included in an e-bike subscription from Joule?

The following is included in all our e-bike subscriptions:

  • Optional electric bike from our portfolio
  • Certified bicycle lock
  • Theft insurance with deductible from Tryg
  • 2 x service a year
  • Winter tyres if you keep the e-bike during the winter months

How old do I have to be to be a Joule customer?

The user must be at least 18 years old to set up an e-bike subscription with Joule.

Can I use the Joule electric bike for commercial purposes (e.g. delivery service)?

The electric bicycle can only be used for private use, including commuting to work and private trips.

The electric bicycles must not be used in courier or delivery services (including Wolt and Foodora) or for other work where the electric bicycle is a central means of transport. Feel free to contact him at if you are unsure or need clarification related to the use of the electric bicycle.

If the customer breaches these guidelines, Joule will terminate the subscription and a fee will be charged to the customer.

We hope to be able to deliver Joule subscriptions to courier services soon, please let your employer know if you are interested in being able to rent an electric bike through Joule.

Where in the country does Joule offer its subscription service?

Currently, Joule e-bike subscriptions are only offered in Oslo and the surrounding area.

Can i pre-order an e-bike?

When you order en e-bike from Joule, you can opt to collect or have it delivered within 30 days of your subscription start date.

For our circular business-model to work optimally it is unfortunately not possible for us to hold off the bike for longer than 30 days. 

Why do you not deliver or collect outside the defined postcodes?

To pick up and deliver e-bikes, we use our logistics partner Wanda. The selected postcodes are limited based on Wanda's delivery area.

Do you offer business subscriptions?

Yes, in the spring of 2023 we will launch our B2B subscriptions!

If you are curious about how Joule can help you reduce your company's CO2 footprint, please contact us at for a casual chat.

Which e-bike is suitable for me?

What is the difference between high and low step in?

High step-in gives a more forward-leaning sitting position and will feel sporty. However, it can be less comfortable to get on and off.

A low step is practical if you have limited mobility in your legs and hips, or if you are cycling to and from work or the shop in everyday clothes. For the models from Giant, a low step-in will feel just as sporty as a high step-in.

The White E-Trekking 3.0 model. has the lowest step among our models, and will be safest if hip mobility is limited.

Can I attach a child seat or bike trailer to the electric bike I subscribe to?

Yes, all the electric bikes (except Superior 6030 Trekking) have the option of attaching a child seat.

If you are not sure which child seat fits your electric bike, we recommend that you ask the dealer of the child seat/pram to get the most correct guidelines.

Order, change and termination of subscription

All the bikes are sold out, how can I order?

Bikes are constantly being replenished.  Add yourself to the waiting list by clicking on the electric bike you want to order, choose the appropriate size and then press "add yourself to the waiting list".

When the e-bike you are on the waiting list for is ready to order, you will receive an automatic notification by e-mail or SMS.

Adding yourself to the waiting list is not considered a purchase. This means that you are free to change your mind in the future.

Can I change my electric bike after I have ordered a subscription?

Contact us at if you want to change size or e-bike model, and we will help you with the next step.

Will I be subject to a credit check when creating a subscription?

Yes, an automatic credit check will be carried out when you order an electric bike from us.

If you have payment notices, are registered as an emigrant, or have not registered income in the last two years, the credit check will be rejected and you will receive an error message that prevents you from completing the order.

How do I end a subscription?

Terminate a subscription at least 5 days before your next payment is due. Termination is done through your user profile or by emailing us at

What is the cost of delivery and collection?

It is free to pick up and deliver the electric bike to our warehouse in Nydalen.

In addition, the first home delivery is included in the subscription. After that, shipping the electric bike costs NOK 188 per way. Shipping is handled by our logistics provider, Wanda.

Maintenance and damage

What do I do if the e-bike has been damaged or destroyed?

If your bicycle has been damaged or destroyed, we ask that you contact us by e-mail to .

Describe what damage your bike has, and whether the bike needs service. We will then contact you as soon as possible to figure out the next steps. 

What do I need to do to take care of the e-bike I subscribe to?

The most important thing you do to take care of your e-bike is:

1) Have enough air in the tires
For frequent use, we recommend checking the tires often. On average, you should expect to fill the tires with air around once a month. Recommended pressure for the supplied tires is 3.5 bar and maximum pressure is 4 bar.

2) Regularly wash the e-bike
The e-bike will last longer if it is kept clean. For a normal wash, water and a cloth goes a long way, and if it is particularly dirty, you can use a little Zalo and a regular scrubbing brush. Do not use a high-pressure washer as it can push water into the electronics, ball bearings and motor.

Read more about the use and maintenance of electric bicycles in your user manual.

The e-bike makes a strange noise and/or the gear jumps off, what do I do?

We recommend that you first try to tighten the gear cable on the e-bike.

The electric bike you have now received is relatively new. In all new gear systems, the cable stretches a little at first. If you feel that the bike ticks or that the gear jumps, you can tighten the cable by turning the screw on the gear on the rear wheel.

Only small adjustments are needed. Turn only a quarter of a turn counter-clockwise at a time before doing a test.

See picture and explanation in your user manual .

Theft and theft insurance

What do I do if the e-bike is stolen or damaged in connection with attempted theft?

If your e-bike is stolen, or damage has occurred in connection with attempted theft, you must contact Joule as soon as possible. You will then receive information about the next step.

Contact us at or +47 920 79 622.

What do I need to know about parking to ensure that theft is covered by the insurance?

In order to be covered by our insurance policy, there is a
condition that you park the bicycle correctly. E-bike theft is unfortunately very common, and by following these guidelines you reduce the likelihood of theft considerably.

Bicycle lock: It is important to use the supplied bicycle lock every time the bicycle is parked. Thread the lock through both the bicycle frame, if possible through one of the wheels too, and around a fixed structure (lamp post, bicycle rack etc.).

Battery: If you park on public land (on the street, in the city and other places without access control) without having the bicycle under supervision, we recommend that the battery be removed immediately. If someone steals the battery while the bike is parked unattended, it is not necessarily covered by the theft insurance for the bike, and you (as the renter) will in these cases be responsible for replacing the battery.

Parking at night: Parking the bicycle on public property (in the city, street etc.) overnight should be avoided, as the probability of theft increases considerably. We recommend keeping the bike locked at night if possible (for example in a shed, closed backyard or in an apartment).

If you store the bicycle in a shed, there are requirements for the quality of the lock for the theft insurance to be valid. If you are in doubt, we also recommend locking the e-bike with the bike lock.

The terms of the theft insurance are described in detail under Rental terms and conditions .

What is, and is not, covered by the theft insurance from Tryg?

All e-bike subscriptions from Joule include theft insurance with a deductible of NOK 3,000 from Tryg.

Below is a summary of what is and is not covered by theft insurance. Read the full insurance agreement under Rental terms and conditions .

Theft insurance covers:

  • Theft after burglary
  • Robbery and theft
  • Theft and damage to a locked bicycle

Theft insurance does not cover:

  • Theft or damage that occurs in connection with rental from the end user
  • Damage or theft as a result of embezzlement or illegal possession
  • Damage or theft as a result of fraud
  • Damage that consists of or is a result of: long term use, change in color or shape, abrasion, wear, mold, coating or poor maintenance
  • Loss of bicycle due to it being misplaced or lost
  • Theft committed by a family member, tenant, landlord and the like
  • Damage caused intentionally or through gross negligence
  • All types of damage to batteries, unless the damage is a consequence of the theft of a locked bicycle
  • Damage that is covered by a guarantee and/or service agreement or where the right to claim can be asserted