Recommends everyone to try electric bikes

We have spoken to our former customer Mathilde, who is now enjoying warmer days in Bordeaux. She is one of those who has settled into her new lifestyle.

"I love the feeling of riding a bike."

Mathilde wanted an electric bike for many years. With a Joule subscription, she finally had the opportunity to test it out, without making a big investment.

It is not only easy to buy an electric bike: If you want a good and reliable model, it can be quite expensive. "In addition, it's a good idea to have tried the bike before you buy" , advises Mathilde.

Mathilde describes the e-bike experience as fun. 

«You get to your destinatin quicker and you can bring more baggage than with an ordinary bicycle.»

In addition, you use less time, energy and money on parking. This is one of the primary reasons Mathilde hopes to swap her car with an e-bike. 

«Parking in Oslo is expensive and it can be stressful to find a parking-spot. Often, you can only park for two hours at a time.»

Mathilde adds that there is a myriad of health related reasons to use an e-bike instead of a car. You get outside and your everyday life becomes more active.

With an e-bike you can  «race around up to 150 km within one one single ride.» This makes it possible for cyclists to explore a geater radius of their local area. 

Mathilde reccommends an e-bike subscription to everyone, regarless of age and strength.

An e-bike can make your daily life simpler.

Not all heroes wear capes. Perhaps some race around on two wheels?

  • 1. Save money

    Save money by leaving the car at home. Rent an e-bike instead of bying and let us take care of the cost and effort that goes into bike service, winter tires, theft insurance and a secure lock.
  • 2. Get from place to place with ease

    With an e-bike your parking-options are limitless and you avoid the dreaded rush hour
  • 3. Contribute to a better environment

    The mode of transport you chose on the daily is an important everyday environemntal decision. If you have an e-bike on standby, it will become easier for you to make environmental choices.
  • 4. Stay healthy

    Fresh air and movement in your daily routine enhances your everyday. Even with a little extra power to help you up the hills, the health benefits are still clear!
  • 5. Discover your neighboorhood

    Expand your radius by exploring the city with an e-bike. There are many hidden treasures that can be revealed when you spend more time outdoors.